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Wednesday, 29 February 2012



This will be the leading blog with regard to solving up of you all evdo and broadband services. Friends, i am also a EVDO user and very much depressed with the poor customer support services provided by these EVDO service providers. Talking about the leading EVDO service giving company BSNL  which provides the  worst customer support services to its customers. I am here to tell you so because i am also the one unlucky who is still using BSNL EVDO services as for the unlimited plans it is cheapest. But you know EVDO is a modern technical service and requires a good customer support also as it have a lot of failures also. At this place all these service providers stops specially BSNL as its a government undertaking.
          If BSNL would have given good customer support to its users it would have become the leader of all telecom providers but you all know well that its not so. BSNL authorities are very much irresponsive to their customers, because there is no one to argue them and if you tries to argue then you will face problems like service stops and regular rounds of BSNL exchange.

      Reading above story you will now be in the position to understand that how much i m tensed with its poor customer support services. I think if sub-divisional authorities would have taken strict steps against BSNL authorities they might have changed their attitude towards their customers. I therefore request any member of sub divisional  authority or district or state authority if reading this blog please take some necessary steps in this regard. I am sure that if any private telecom company gives its unlimited plans at the rates of BSNL unlimited plan that is Rs.750 per month then BSNL will surely loose its customers like it has lost them in case of BSNL landline phones. So i request govt. to take strict actions against these.

    Now you would be thinking that there are customer cares numbers of BSNL what is the need to go to exchange then please read this paragraph. Many a times devices is needed to solve the problems of EVDO, problem cannot be diagonised in a phone call. Secondly the EVDO customer care number of BSNL is 1500  
which can be dialed from a landline BSNL only which is present with only a few customers now. So this is BSNLs trick to escape themselves from their customers. And if the customers now chooses to go to exchange, he is very ill treated.

   But dont worry as i have found  solutions to many of BSNL EVDO problems and i have made this blog with a motive that i will be able to help you in its problems. Either you feel any problem i will answer you in blog or call me to get a best customer support surely better than official BSNL customer care. Yes i will not be able to give you answers that one cannot get without being a BSNL TTA or Engg. In all other problems i will be helping you.  
Just comment your problems in the blog and i will help you within 24 hours.and if you want instant solutions please call me at 8532062244 ( Dial 08532062244 if you are out of uttarakhand).

So all my dear friends promote this blog as much as you can so as to put pressure on BSNL to improve their services.